Paper Tubes

Our product range includes a wide range of Cardboard Paper Core Tube, 2mm to 12mm Paper Core Tube, Round Paper Tubes, Wrapping Paper Tube, Party Popperss Paper Tube and Packaging Paper Tubes.Spiral Paper tube Manufacturers in Chennai.

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Paper Core Tube

We are manufacturer and exporter of Paper cores. We supply paper cores to different industries. Paper cores are used in different industries .we make paper core in various diameters as per requirement of costumers. We are using latest technology based machine for making tubes & cores. We can supply core in various diameters, thickness and length. Paper Cores are used in different applications.

Spiral Paper Tube

We are  of Spiral paper tube manufacturers in Chennai. We are known for our Quality and standards. We are experts in delivery of product on time.

paper tubes manufacturers - spiral paper
Cardboard Tubes manufacturers in chennai

Paper Container

Paper food containers are supportable packaging decision for take away food. Our broad food holder range is created to provide the market with an adaptable packaging solutions for a wide range of take away food including Indian gravies. Accessible in white and Brown Boards. customized printing option available with affordable price.

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